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Grace is power.  It is the power to be who you truly are, which is a spark of light in the web of light that underpins all existence. Some might say that grace is a gift from the divine. In fact, grace IS divinity itself, in living, breathing form. You. -Yeshe Matthews

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I’m proud and honored to know and work with Yeshe, to have had the opportunity to move through layers of relationship with her, from client to student to friend to sister and fellow priestesses for going on ten years now. I’ve learned so much with her guidance and mentorship: I’ve learned about gods and goddesses and the role of Deity in the natural world around me; I’ve learned how to create ritual and be a good ritual attendee/participant; I’ve learned to honor both the rhythms of the earth around me and to recognize those within my own body and mind. Most importantly perhaps is that Yeshe has helped me learn to trust myself, my vision, my connection with Spirit and the Divine. Her joy and happiness both in sacred and secular communities, and in learning as we have done, each of us, that there is little difference between the sacred and secular, really, has been infectious in the best sense. Her intelligence is inspiring, her compassion comforting, and her dedication to serving community at all levels a reaffirmation of hope and faith. She’s a wonderful teacher, a great priestess, and a great voice for the Goddess in the world today. - Karen

I have known Yeshe for almost a decade and deeply appreciate her work, dedication, and wisdom. I’ve consulted her for intuitive readings and personal path working over the years, and in 2018 I joined her Woman Shaman Priestess training. This program has been life altering and profoundly meaningful for me, helping me connect with my own lineage and the threads of priestesshood throughout the ages. WSP has guided me through the historical lineage of spiritwork, given me lessons and rituals for protection, healing and transformation, and helped me to develop my own sacred path of service.

Yeshe herself is a model of priestesshood: leading with her dedication to the Goddess and willingness to share her own experiences (both magical and mundane) in order to support her students and those who come to her for guidance. She has created a true sisterhood of the Spirit, and I’m honored to share this work with her. - Holly


Mt Shasta Goddess Temple membership is open to all who are committed to goddess devotion. Through Patreon, the Temple shares divinations, sections from Yeshe's forthcoming book PRIESTESS: Maxims for Sacred Service, and online Mandala of the Moon devotionals. Membership begins at $5 per month to access these features, with additional levels and benefits including Mandala of the Sun rituals, personal sessions, and private retreats.

"This is really speaking to where I am at in my journey right now and just coincides with the messages I have been receiving this past month. I look forward to this project and learning more about serving in the capacity that is most aligned for me." -Nicole

"I've been Pagan since 1978 and needless to say have been through various incarnations of my spirituality. As I've hit the half century mark, it is time for me to manifest my sacred service. I googled "priestess training" to see what was out there. It took me about an hour but I found your project. Thank the Goddess!!! You are hitting every single mark on what is important. These are all things I've known, but having it out there in "black and white" along with your excellent stories of your personal experiences and the practices, I see this as a critical juncture for me. Blessings to you and this project. I'm thrilled to be able to help birth it." -Gerrie

Yeshe Matthews sets a fine example for someone who is looking for a peaceful daily practice. Her daily devotional to Kuan Yin on Facebook Live has enriched my spiritual journey by conveying a serene and enlightening oasis in what is often a hectic world. She has taught me how to use mindfulness with word and deed. I look up to her as a priestess and practitioner while on my path as she brings peace and support to a great community of practitioners (Sangha). I have learned the true meaning of trance with mala meditation as we give prostrations to Kuan Yin. She sets positive intentions and we all share free thought amongst ourselves. I have connected with several people whom have become friends because of her selfless, daily practice. She has a gracious, Divine heart and purpose to relay to humanity. - Corri