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Grace is power.  It is the power to be who you truly are, which is a spark of light in the web of light that underpins all existence. Some might say that grace is a gift from the divine. In fact, grace IS divinity itself, in living, breathing form. You. -Yeshe


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"This is really speaking to where I am at in my journey right now and just coincides with the messages I have been receiving this past month. I look forward to this project and learning more about serving in the capacity that is most aligned for me." -Nicole

"I've been Pagan since 1978 and needless to say have been through various incarnations of my spirituality. As I've hit the half century mark, it is time for me to manifest my sacred service. I googled "priestess training" to see what was out there. It took me about an hour but I found your project. Thank the Goddess!!! You are hitting every single mark on what is important. These are all things I've known, but having it out there in "black and white" along with your excellent stories of your personal experiences and the practices, I see this as a critical juncture for me. Blessings to you and this project. I'm thrilled to be able to help birth it." -Gerrie