Allow Yourself to Change

We talk about the need for systemic, worldwide change in the U.S. with such naïveté. As if there was any possibility of unified change. As if there will be some kind of collective awakening. As if we can push, bully, or force anyone to change. As if people will really care about facts or truth. As if we ourselves already know what should happen if things change. As if we have any measure of control over what changes, or how it changes. It's really funny, when you think about it, sort of silly. It sounds like we are playing pretend when we talk about change. Most western pundits, proclaimers, activists and revolutionaries who pontificate about systemic change don't realize how childish and impossibly idealistic they sound to others who have the wisdom of indigeneity and a few 10,000 more years of experience than we do.

There is only one way that world change actually happens, and it happens one person at a time. The only systemic change you can ever actually make with authority and reliability is within the closed system of yourself. While your personal change may have a ripple effect as you make your way through the world, it is going to be frustrating if you *expect* that to happen, and it is going to be impossible for you to control if, how, and when it happens. Better to just focus on creating change for yourself very well, with diligence and light heart.

However, when many people all choose to create their own needed internal changes en masse, then the whole world is that much closer to real systemic change. The Earth, as an organic organism, knows when to prompt us to change in large numbers. She send us the signs that, as the cells of her vast body, the time has come for shedding, healing, and renewal. We are seeing such prompts from the Great Mother now.

What is the change you are making?

If the meditator is able to use whatever occurs in his life as the path, his body becomes a retreat hut. - Jigme Lingpa, Mudras: Early Songs & Poems