Nothing Makes Sense

These days, it's not unusual that we might look at the news, world events, how much things cost, the things other people say and do, some of the things we must say and do ourselves, and think, "This makes no sense!"

No matter how many times someone tries to gaslight you into believing that something bad for you is somehow good for you, no matter how subtle someone is when they are trying to sell you something that is not actually worth what it costs, no matter how many spreadsheets and charts you might look at to try to better understand why the poor pay more to live than the rich, no matter how many times a judge decides that a man's future is more important than a woman's justice, there is still always a little voice within that says, "But that doesn't make sense."

That little voice arises from the deepest part of you. That little voice cannot be fooled, ignored, coerced, or sweet-talked into believing anything, when you truly know better. We might go so far as to say that our little inner voice IS what makes sense, even when nothing else around us does. One thing is certain: that little voice will not be denied, and it comes back and scolds, mocks, aggrieves, depresses, or seems disappointed in us when we try to deny it or block it out. Sometimes, when we ignore that little voice, we later blame ourselves because we feel like we should have known better, or we feel as if something is very, very wrong with us for not following our "instinct" or "intuition."

But what if that little voice is neither instinct nor intuition? What if it is not even actually our own little voice, but rather is the voice of the Divine, or the motivation of reason, or the sound of the collective unconscious, or the light of truth that resides within us, but is not the same as our ego, which threatens, begs, pleads, and cajoles us to be quiet, stay safe, go along with the crowd, give up, not fight back, and not make waves? Let's just allow that to be the case, for a moment: the little voice is actually something much, much bigger than we are. How might thinking this way change our relationship to that little voice?

If we felt this to be the case, we might choose to cultivate a stronger relationship with that little voice, even amidst the amplified noise of the news, social media, opinionated friends, conflicting data, and pressure to be, speak, do, or believe everything everyone wants us to. Then, we might bring that little voice forward and have the courage to say aloud, "This doesn't make sense."

The story of the Emperor and his new clothes is timeless, but it has seemed particularly timely recently. If you scan the story, who do you want to resemble the most? The vain and ego-driven Emperor? The clever swindlers? The many people who felt afraid to speak up about what was happening for fear of repercussions? Or, would you prefer to identify with the innocent, blameless, and truth-telling child who spoke up and said, "He hasn't got any clothes on!"

Take a few moments to really listen within and then ask yourself, "What actually makes sense?" Create your life accordingly. When nothing makes sense, we have an obligation to make sense from nothing.