Listen Within

There is a vast playground of the mind awaiting you, with lush forests, mythic beings, divine alien songs, alternate endings to the terrible stories you tell yourself when you're afraid, and unique new monsters you might make friends with and cuddle. You already have a free all-access pass to get there. In fact, you live there already. But like an unkempt house, a cluttered mind makes it hard to find the things we really need in a timely manner. Looking for the keys to heaven in the palace of the mind, we get distracted by hundreds of lost socks from the dryer that have suddenly come home all at once.

Sit down. Just sit down somewhere for a few minutes. Maybe start with 5 minutes. Your boss has no idea what you are doing right now in the empty conference room. Your family does not yet know that you are home, parked just down the street. Your partner is completely content surfing the web. You have plenty of time, you just currently choose to use it for something else, like Facebook. Instead, try using some of it to access the paradise within. 5 minutes. You've already seen that cute kitten video a dozen times anyway. The kittens, your job, your children, and everyone else will be just fine for 5 minutes.

Close your eyes. Begin to breathe. Instantly, your mind leaps into action, feeding you a laundry list of memories, things to do, anxieties, future projections, and impromptu ideas for projects. As each distracting surge makes itself known, turn it into a muppet and get it to sit down next to you. Explain that if they will just sit down with you, something great will happen.

Hello, new cuddly furry monster friends! Sit down with me for a minute or five...

Next comes the parade of the absurd. Weird things start cropping up and demanding your attention once the seemingly reasonable things have calmed down. 3 minutes to go.

Why am I singing the theme song of a TV show over and over? What if I was made of glass? Are sharks even from this planet?

Now, a Rod Serling muppet, a plush shark, and a heavy crystal goblet sit down with you to see what wonderful thing might happen next. 2 minutes more.

Let's not forget the bizarre body awareness. The body that you know so well and take for granted 90% of the time now awakens to full alertness and demands its due.

My knee twitched. It twitched again. My nose itches. Do I have allergies? Is it possible I have scurvy? Maybe I should see a doctor.

A disembodied knee now dangles off the bench next to you. A giant nose wearing a lab coat makes a stern, quiet grunting sound as it joins your meditation circle. You are now surrounded by a beautiful and somewhat alarming array of fascinating beings, all waiting for something wonderful to happen. One minute left.

And then, it happens. The wonderful thing...

Stillness. Relief. You feel it. All the muppet monsters and odd critters and sensory manifestations quiet down as you soar in a cloudless sky.

Time's up.

We meditate for 5 minutes to get one minute of peace. It's worth it.

If you are interested in meditating with me, or delving deep into yourself and finding ways to make meaning of your own circus of inner reality, you might be interested in taking my Intuition or FREE 21 Taras Challenges from HiveQuest this month. 

And hey...nice monsters you got there.