Wild & Alone

Go out to a wild place. Call in sick. Call in for a half day. Call in fuck it all and go. Don't wait for free time. Make free time.

A beach would be good. A place with many, many trees would be good. A mountain is also good. A river is good. Find that place where you will be alone. 

Let your mind do what it will. Go ahead and worry for a while if that is what your mind does when left to its own devices. There is something deeper beneath all the worrying and explaining to yourself what went wrong, what could go wrong, what is wrong with you or the world. After a while, your mind will exhaust itself. This might take three days, though, so if you can pay attention to it and help it move along, that will mean more time for heaven.

Chant something over and over and over. It doesn't actually matter what it is- certain chants have certain effects, but as long as you like it, chant it. Caveat: it cannot be a worrying phrase or anything that feels hollow. Don't tell yourself lies. Don't say, "I am abundant," if you feel broke and depleted. That's bullshit and your animal brain knows it, and then your animal brain won't trust you. You will need your animal brain to trust you to enter heaven. Be real and find what you need in your vocalizations, even if they are wordless.

Once you have indulged the worrying and moved onto the chanting, once the brain is occupied, you can now find the gate to heaven. It lies within you, deep down in a place where the back of the lungs hover and the kidneys perch. There is so much toxin that gathers in this area. There is so much fear that squats here. It's time to breathe deeply into this space, to create a deft wind to clear out the tumbleweeds. Breathe into this space.

Feel the long muscles relax down your back, melting like cheese. Relax the top of your head. Relax your anus. (Don't be an asshole, relax your asshole!) Relax your throat. Let the chant drop away. Let everything drop away. Feel the light begin to enter your bones. This is the way to heaven.

What is possible when you are wild and alone? What creativity, what lack of self-consciousness, what boldness, what reality is sharper and keener when you are wild and alone? What beauty can you find pulsing around you right now? What beauty is clawing its way up through your chest and breaking free with the wind at your lips?

Truly, Paradise is everywhere around us, all the time. It's a frequency, not a place. If you tune in to that frequency, you can find serenity in the small moments. This is a technology for survival.